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This means so much to me on so many different levels. The business itself was born during a very painful time for me, when I lost my sister to chronic alcoholism and even not factoring in the alcohol, she suffered so much throughout her life. Just like so many other women, including myself, who have had to overcome some serious obstacles.

Women are such a unique creation, and we are strong and sensitive, tough and soft, we give so much of ourselves to our families, our children our husbands, that often times, we lack the self-care that we need.

Every woman has been through that one or multiple moments in

life where she felt beaten down and broken. It stresses us, it ages

us, it taxes us both physically and emotionally. We often don’t feel

beautiful or that we are enough and that’s what Rejuvenate is

about!!  It’s about uplifting. It’s about invigorating. It’s about

inspiring the female spirit inside and out. Our Creator, let me

repeat that….our Creator made us beautiful, strong, capable,

victorious, and so much more!  We must embrace what our

creator says about us and walk in that truth.......


Thus,  the “ I am….” sign

Sometimes making time for self-care, time for ourselves, our spirit,

sharing with other women, and stopping to breathe and reflect can

helps us get recentered and refueled.  Add to that a nice haircut

or a little Botox and it can be the cherry on top to help us feel

prettier and gives us more courage and more confidence to walk

in whom we were created to be!

So we welcome you to come see us and

get rejuvenated, inside and out!

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